Conference admission fees do not include accommodation. This allows participants select their accommodation option of choice, and to attend without having to book a room.

Conference admission fees:

eHealth Conference: 36,830 HUF
Three-day admission fee: 163,830 HUF
Two-day admission fee: 151,130 HUF
Admission fee for Day One: 125,730 HUF
Admission fee for Day Two: 100,330 HUF
Employees from the public sector may attend the conference free of charge (accommodation fees may apply).

Admission fee for the business dinner on Day Zero: 34,290 HUF.

Entry fee invitations do not include the business dinner and accommodation fees for Day Zero.
Accommodation prices are listed per day. Day Zero accommodation fees correspond to Day One fees.

For IVSZ members:

Three-day admission fee: 144,780 HUF
Two-day admission fee for IVSZ members: 132,080 HUF
Day One admission fee for IVSZ members: 113,030 HUF
Day Two admission fee for IVSZ members: 87,630 HUF

Ticket prices include meals which will be listed separately on the receipt.

Early Bird special offer: all ticket prices paid by money transfer by October 5th, 2015, will receive a 10% discount.

Registration is open until October 28, 2015. Please keep in mind the fact that the venue offers limited capacity. Should this limit be reached, registration will be closed ahead of time.

Discount application options:

Small and micro-enterprises with less than 30 employees can become are eligible to receive a discount of 31,750 HUF from the two-day ticket simply by submitting an application. NGOs with annual revenues of less than 30 million HUF may also apply for the discount for the two-day ticket.

Please submit application forms to

The forms can be downloaded from the following links: small and micro-enterprises and NGOs.

Cancellation policy:

For registrations canceled before October 16th, 2015, we will refund 50% of the registration fee. From October 17th on, a no refund policy applies. The terms above are independent of payment. Invoices are issued for any unpaid sums.

Purchased tickets can be transferred.

Should you have any questions regarding the registration process, please send an e-mail to the organizers: