Dear Attendees,

This city is the crown jewel of Lake Balaton, the "Hungarian Sea". It is known for hosting numerous cultural programs including the Anna Ball and the Kékszalag Sailing Competition, as well as the most important annual event on the information society every November. The Infotér Conference has reached maturity. Now past its fifth anniversary, the event will go beyond the physical boundaries of the historical Anna Grand hotel, and will expand its lively and professional programs all across the capital of Lake Balaton.

Over the years, the Infotér Conference has undergone changes in many respects. These minor modifications have resulted in the event becoming a conference for everybody. Major organizations and institutions are involved as cooperating participants as this the key to providing a comprehensive overview of the topic. We create new modes of presentation and discussion to inspire members of public administration, corporations and the non-governmental sector. This year's expanded Infotér Conference is expected to host 1,500 participants. Available accommodation options have been expanded accordingly as well.

The government's new ICT strategy, encompassing the national consultation on the Internet, the Common European Digital Market, and the Digital Nation Development Program, will receive special attention. Key topics will include the digital revolution in education, alongside latest developments in eHealth and eGovernance. The transformation and regulatory revision of the telecommunication market, the government's development policies, Hungarian startups, the development of the ICT sector, and enterprise development will also be discussed. Further topics will include vocational training and education, ICT strategy in different sectors, GIS, big data, cloud systems, and open data. All of these topics will carry the overarching themes of the digital transformation in the economy and society, raising awareness and changing attitudes, opportunities for state involvement, as well as tasks for the government, enterprises, and the non-governmental sector.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2015 Infotér Conference!

Attila Soltész
IT pro Society Association